About Las Vegas Vasectomy

Ernest Sussman, MD has been successfully treating his patients in the Las Vegas valley since 1991. He specializes in essentially painless vasectomies utilizing novel anesthetic techniques and has completed thousands of successful vasectomies. Approximately 10 years ago, Dr. Sussman completed a sabbatical in male infertility where he learned new techniques that he quickly incorporated into his practice. He also is a member of several subspecialty societies that concentrate in male fertility.

At Las Vegas Vasectomy, we understand your concerns that are usually associated with a vasectomy or the vasectomy reversal procedure. We take pride in trying to instill comfort and provide assurance with our patients, which is why we stress the significance of having completed thousands of successful vasectomy procedures. Our process is designed to benefit our patients with a minimal amount of recovery time and a more cost effective procedure.

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Dr. Sussman