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Ernest Sussman MD, a board-certified Urologist, has been successfully treating Urology patients in the Las Vegas Valley since 1991. He has since limited his practice to Vasectomy and specializes in essentially painless vasectomies utilizing novel anesthetic techniques. At Las Vegas Vasectomy, we understand your concerns that are usually associated with a vasectomy or the vasectomy reversal procedure. Dr. Sussman takes pride in trying to instill comfort while also providing assurance that his patients are in good hands.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably done your research while searching for the right doctor to perform this very personal minor surgical procedure. Be wary of other Urology practices who make the following claims: ’No-needle, no-scalpel, no stitches, fastest vasectomy in the West, and/or stating that they’ve done more than anybody in the world’. Experience and the confidence expressed in online reviews by former patients count.

Dr. Sussman


If you live in or near Las Vegas, Nevada or just visiting for business or pleasure and are interested in a Vasectomy, we’ll take good care of you and accommodate your scheduling needs.  You’ve probably done your research when looking for the right doctor to perform this very personal minor surgical procedure so be wary of other practices who make the following claims:  ’No-needle, no-scalpel, no stitches, fastest vasectomy in the West, and/or stating that they’ve done more than anybody in the world’.  We all kind of do it the same way, each with our individual variations.  Experience and the confidence expressed in online reviews by former patients count.


Learn more about this minimally invasive procedure

Dr. Sussman, a board-certified Urologist, completes the vasectomy in 20-25 minutes in most cases. The first step of the process will be to numb the skin of the scrotum with a tiny needle (no worse than getting your blood drawn). A tiny opening, approximately 1/8 of an inch is then made without using a scalpel (knife). The vas deferans will then be transected, cauterized, and clipped. The tiny entry site is then closed with an absorbable suture that dissolves in 10 days.

There are a few requirements before coming into the office for your vasectomy procedure. Pain relievers, such as aspirin and NSAIDs (ie. Ibuprofen, Naprosyn) should not be taken for 7 days before the procedure to minimize the risk of bleeding. We also ask that you do not shave the scrotal area because this will be done in our office.

To schedule your safe, quick, and pain-free procedure, call Las Vegas Vasectomy today at (702) 293-0176.

Vasectomy Recovery

What to expect after your procedure

A vasectomy can understandably be nerve-racking for most men. The recovery is usually quicker than most are led to believe. Dr. Sussman at Las Vegas Vasectomy recommends that immediately following your procedure, you take it easy for the next 1-2 days. If discomfort is experienced, it is usually mild so applying ice or frozen vegetables (peas or corn are best) with or without over-the-counter pills (ie. Aleve or Advil) helps.

In terms of what you should wear, we suggest snug cotton briefs, jockey underwear, or a scrotal supporter, as this will help to limit movement of the testicles during the first week of recovery. While small amounts of blood spotting or bruising are normal, it is important to call your doctor right away if you begin to experience fever, chills, increasing pain, drainage, and/or an enlarging mass. These side effects usually suggest significant bleeding or an infection, both of which are exceedingly rare occurrences.

To minimize the risk of complications after your procedure, we ask that you follow these 3 recommendations listed for 4-5 days: 

  • No heavy lifting, running, or exercise
  • No sexual activity
  • No going under water (ie. Bathing, swimming). Showers allowed

Following the procedure, you will not be sterile immediately. We’ll request that your semen be evaluated by an outside lab (separate charges apply and are not included in the procedure fee) approximately 2.5-3 months following your vasectomy to confirm that there are no sperm in your ejaculate. Until this confirmation, it is important to practice conventional contraception.

Vasectomy Reversal

From a fellowship-trained microsurgeon, Dr. Sussman also specializes in vasectomy reversals. He trained with world class microsurgeons and practiced in their labs, thus incorporating their techniques into his own.  He performs a 2-layer microsurgical closure of the Vas Deferans that has been shown to increase vasal patency rates (chances of sperm making it back into the semen). A vasectomy reversal is more cost effective than the more complex in-vitro procedures where a man’s sperm is injected into his partner’s eggs (IVF/ICSI). Pregnancy rates are roughly the same.

At Las Vegas Vasectomy, your safety during and after this procedure is extremely important. Side effects of the procedure are usually minimal, and will have no effect on your potency or urinary functions. The vasectomy reversal process also does not increase the likeliness of prostate or testicular cancer. If you have any questions or are looking to schedule an appointment, call Las Vegas Vasectomy today at (702) 293-0176.

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