The Vasectomy Peace of Mind

The Vasectomy Peace of Mind

A vasectomy is a fairly simple medical procedure that prevents sperm from joining the seminal fluid during ejaculation. Sperm is half of the equation for pregnancy. The lack of this possibility can change the mental outlook of both sex partners.

Vasectomy Basics

Sperm, or spermatozoa, are created in the male body in the testes and leave the testes through two long tubes called the vas deferens. There is one tube leaving from each testicle. But by severing these two tubes during a vasectomy procedure, sperm are prevented from joining into the seminal fluid and never leave the body. Read our earlier blog for a more detailed description of the process.

So Where Do These Unused Sperm Go Instead?

You don’t have to be concerned about your unused sperm. Unused sperm are absorbed by the body in a natural body process. This is true for unused sperm whether you have a vasectomy or not. The scrotum containing the testes does not store sperm for later use. They simply die and are reabsorbed into the body.

Why have a Vasectomy?

For many, the decision to have a vasectomy is not an easy choice. A surgery in such a personal place can be a difficult concept to consider. However, because the vasectomy allows a male to have intercourse without a concern of a pregnancy, this allows a certain piece of mind. The same is true for the female of the couple. Fear of pregnancy can cause the sexual experience to be stressful and therefore less enjoyable for her as well. Thus, the vasectomy can allow both partners a sense of relaxation which allows for a more positive sexual experience. 

Studies Support the Vasectomy Peace of Mind

In a study published in the Central European Journal of Urology, a scientifically significant number of men reported better orgasm, desire and sexual satisfaction after a vasectomy. More details from the article are published here on the National Institute of Health website.

Vasectomy: Other Benefits

Vasectomy has more benefits. For a dedicated couple, a vasectomy can be more than a mental relief from fear of pregnancy. They can eliminate other forms of contraception and be more in the moment with each other. While couples should always practice safe sex to stay STD-free, committed, long-term relationships can eliminate messy spermicides, mood-crushing condoms, and hormone-filled birth control pills.  This can certainly put some anxiety at bay and relax the bedroom atmosphere.

Reverse Vasectomy

A beautiful idea behind vasectomy may actually be very surprising to some. Vasectomy does not have to be a permanent endeavor! While the procedure can remain in place for the entirety of an adult male’s life if he chooses, surgical technology now allows a skilled surgeon like Dr. Sussman the ability to reverse a vasectomy. So a couple may choose a vasectomy and then later decide circumstances have changed to allow for children. Dr. Sussman can help with that by reversing the vasectomy. The procedure itself is similar to the work time and recovery time of the vasectomy procedure. It is relatively quick and painless with a minimal recovery period.

The Vasectomy Calm

With so many benefits to Vasectomy, you owe it to yourself to look into it further if the thought has even crossed your mind. Find a peace and convenience that isn’t available in an over-the-counter drug store purchase.

Vasectomy Peace of Mind
Vasectomy comes with peace of mind for your time in the bedroom.


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