Life after Vasectomy

Life After Vasectomy

You get the basic gist. After a vasectomy you can no longer reproduce children through intercourse. But what else is there to know? What are the physical effects? How will this affect you in the bedroom? Luckily, there’s only good news for these answers.

The Vasectomy Procedure

Sperm travels from the testes through the vas deferens to join the seminal fluid before ejaculation.  The Vasectomy Procedure details how this is prevented surgically, but the bottom line is the vas deferens is severed to prevent the flow of the sperm. But that’s not what you really want to know!

Immediately after Vasectomy

After your vasectomy, which is usually a very short procedure at around 20 minutes, the numbness from the anesthesia will last a little while longer. You might even find you actually have time to make it home before the numbness wears off depending on your travel distance. Upon arriving home, you should expect to lay low for the next 24 hours, and intermittently ice the groin area to relieve discomfort for up to 20 minutes at a time.  

In general, your discomfort should be mild after vasectomy, but if you see signs of infection, develop a fever, difficulty urinating or cannot control your pain, call your doctor for a quick follow up. Within the next day or two, you can return to work; if you were planning to stretch your sick days, this unfortunately is not that procedure. You’ll need something more to offer you a week in bed to stream the Fast & Furious film series!

A Week Post-Op

After a week has passed you should be feeling pretty much like your old self. You can return to weight lifting and running football plays in the backyard. Better yet, you can return to the bedroom! The moment you’ve been waiting for! Prior to a week, you likely wouldn’t damage your surgical site during intercourse, but you may have discomfort in your testicles and groin area since the tissues around the site would still be tender. However, you should still wear protection to prevent pregnancy for a while longer as sperm may still be present in your semen. 

Three Months Out

Once a couple of months have passed after your vasectomy, it’s time to visit the lab to determine if you still have any little fellas swimming around in your stream. By this time, sperm are typically absent from your ejaculate, although they may still be present up to six months post-op. 

But if not, let the fun begin! At the point where you are “sperm-free,” you can enjoy your time in the bedroom without concern for pregnancy. Let’s face it, you can enjoy your time anywhere that romantic urge starts now that your vasectomy procedure has taken is full effect. No need to run for the condom in the bedroom while trying to maintain the mood. And all your parts will work just like before!

The Beauty of a Vasectomy According to Your Mind

Now that you are free from potential pregnancy, you may be surprised at your new abilities in the bedroom. A mind free of worry is usually better able to perform under the sheets. Check out this article on the psychology of Vasectomy: Peace of Mind.

Birth Control that Lasts Forever

Over time, the cost of vasectomy is the cheapest form of birth control out there, according to a study published on PubMed Central by the National Institute of Health.  And once the procedure and the minimal discomfort associated with it have passed, it’s effortless to maintain. Unless you wish to surgically reverse your procedure, (Yes, this is possible too!) you have just made your time in the bedroom all the more enjoyable for the rest of your life!


After vasectomy romance can happen anywhere.
After Vasectomy, romance comes with a new world of spontaneity.


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