Vasectomy Q & A: The Nitty Gritty

Vasectomy Q & A: The Nitty Gritty

As for the topic of vasectomy, we thought it wise to answer both those questions that quickly come to mind as well as those that tend to surface after some time… like at 3 a.m. when your eyes pop open and you can do nothing but spend an hour on the internet looking for answers. Maybe we can save you the search!

First off, what is a vasectomy?

We’ve talked about this a lot on our site. You can read the detailed description in our earlier blog, but at it’s simplest, a vasectomy is an out-patient surgical procedure that through a small incision severs the vas deferens to stop sperm from joining in your ejaculate.

Is vasectomy permanent?

Vasectomy can be reversed surgically, but for all intents and purposes, yes, vasectomy is permanent. 

Is vasectomy reversal a more difficult procedure than a vasectomy?

For the most part, no! To a patient opting for a vasectomy reversal, the procedure is remarkably similar. Surgery and recovery time might be a little bit longer, but otherwise, the process feels mostly the same.

Will sperm still be in my ejaculate immediately after surgery?

Yes, sperm can still be found in seminal fluid up to around three months time. This means you should use protection until you visit the lab and receive an “all clear” from the sperm test results.

Okay, then, how long should I wait before I have intercourse?

The recovery time for your surgery is quick, with you back at work maybe a day or two later, but you will want your surgical site to be healed before engaging too much exercise in the bedroom. You can engage in protected intercourse around a week or two after your surgery. 

Will my ejaculation feel any different?

No! You will have all the same sensations during orgasm that you had prior to your vasectomy, if not better! According to Newsweek, a German study reported that “men often have more sex, experience better erections and orgasms, and have generally higher sex drives following the procedure.” Bottom line, the seminal fluid will still flow from your penis with the same feelings as before, only the sperm will not be in the ejaculate. 

So without the sperm, my ejaculate (fluid) will be different then?

No! The ejaculate will be the same as well. This is because according to Encyclopedia Brittanica, the sperm themselves make up only around two to five percent of the total ejaculate, so the difference in volume, color, texture (and yes, to be honest, taste) will be unnoticeable. 

What happens to the sperm production?

Sperm are still made, but like all unused sperm, they are simply reabsorbed by the body.

How about my masculinity? Will that decrease?

Absolutely NOT! By your masculinity, you are likely referring to all the qualities that make you a man: you have more hair than a woman, you have an Adam’s apple, a deeper voice, etc. These traits come from hormones in your body, particularly testosterone. Because your testicles will remain completely in tact, your body will still produce all its same hormones (and the sperm, remember), but the sperm will simply not be in the seminal fluid.

If you have vasectomy questions, we have the answers.


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