5 Excellent Reasons to Have a Vasectomy

It may seem unlikely that choosing a surgery is a good idea, but the answers to some of your most pressing questions may make you change your mind and opt for the quick solution a vasectomy has to offer. 

What’s a Vasectomy?

As with any medical procedure, it’s important to understand exactly what a vasectomy is before you make  a decision to proceed. The Vasectomy Procedure is a clearly written article that explains the vasectomy process in detail. Your education should start there if you’re starting from scratch with your research.

The 5 Excellent Reasons to Have a Vasectomy:

#1 Vasectomy is Responsible Financially and Socially

Vasectomy is financially responsible, which, let’s face it, should be everyone’s goal. Over time, the cost of a vasectomy is more cost effective than condoms, IUDs, tubal ligation (a permanent surgical method of birth control for a woman, which you can read more about in this article from Johns Hopkins), birth control pills or even a sponge, and the efficacy comparatively is outstanding. 

Additionally, vasectomy is socially responsible. Whether you are in a committed relationship or not, the choice to have children is a big one that often comes with a great deal of planning. Vasectomy allows you the ability to take your time making such large life decisions.

#2 Vasectomy is Nearly Painless

Vasectomy involves only a tiny incision on a numbed portion of skin. Following the procedure, the recovery time is minimal; there are far worse things than day or two of lounging on the couch with an ice pack binge watching Parks and Rec. And — you can return to sexual intercourse within a week or two as your are comfortable!

#3 Vasectomy is Incredibly Effective

Vasectomy is nearly 100 percent effective as a method of birth control. While you need to use additional protection against pregnancy for the first couple of months after your procedure (until your ejaculate proves to be sperm free at a lab) vasectomy rarely fails.  Beyond that, vasectomy is pretty fool-proof. It does not come with the potential “user error” that can be associated with condoms, or the requirement to remember to take a pill every day at a certain time, like a woman’s birth control pill. 

#4 Vasectomy is Reversible

Vasectomy is permanent for as long as you choose. Vasectomies come with the beautiful ability to be reversed. So, while you may wish to have this “permanent” procedure to enjoy its many benefits for the long haul, when you and your partner determine that it’s time to start a family, you can still have the procedure “undone.”

#5 The Best Reason: Vasectomy Improves Sex Lives

That’s right. Studies have shown that sex lives improve for both men and women after a vasectomy. This is mostly attributed to the peace of mind associated with the inability to cause pregnancy during intercourse. Both men and women benefited from this realization and reported better sex in regards to orgasm, arousal, desire and overall sexual satisfaction in post-surgical reports. What could be a better reason to choose to have a vasectomy?

Vasectomy for All the Right Reasons 

The reasons to choose vasectomy are many, and simple. 

The 5 excellent reasons to have a vasectomy (with some bonus content):

  • Vasectomy is cost effective and socially responsible.
  • Vasectomy is nearly painless with a quick recovery time.
  • Vasectomy is nearly 100 percent effective as a birth control method.
  • Vasectomy is reversible.
  • Vasectomy improves sex lives.

Because vasectomy is so effective, and it’s a painless procedure with a quick recovery, which allows you to be financially and socially responsible and enjoy improved sexual satisfaction, it seems only intelligent to choose vasectomy as a method of birth control for you and your partner, whether you’re finished having children or are not ready to have them at all.

5 Excellent Reasons to Have a Vasectomy
There are many reasons to choose vasectomy.


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