Three Worthless Worries of a Vasectomy

Many men put off a vasectomy due to a complete myth. There is a belief that testosterone production decreases with a vasectomy procedure. However, this is a complete fallacy. Unfortunately, it leads men to have three worthless worries of a vasectomy.

To Review, What’s a Vasectomy?

As with any medical procedure, it’s important to understand exactly what a vasectomy is before you make  a decision to proceed. The Vasectomy Procedure is a clearly written article that explains the vasectomy process in detail. Your education should start there if you’re starting from scratch with your research, but let’s look a little at the process. This will help to make clear the reasons our testosterone myth is just that: a myth.

Vasectomy and Your Body

It is the testes (affectionately known as testicles) that produce sperm. They are stored in the epididymis until they are fully developed and called to action during intercourse. Then through the vas deferens, the sperm travel to join the seminal fluid before ejaculation.  

The Vas Deferens

As we mentioned, the sperm travel through the vas deferens, essentially a tube that runs from the scrotum to the urethra. During a vasectomy, it is this tube that is severed to prevent sperm from joining the seminal fluid. Again, refer to The Vasectomy Procedure for better detail of the process.

The Big Myth that Leads to Three Worthless Worries of a Vasectomy

The big myth can be summed up in two simple words: low testosterone. Men believe that having a vasectomy reduces testosterone. If you were being truly neutered, this would be the case. But a vasectomy is not the same. In the words of Dr. Jay Sandlow, “Your testicles don’t know you’ve had a vasectomy.” This means that the production of all your hormones, testosterone included, remains the same.

So What are the Three Worthless Worries of a Vasectomy that You Can Put Out of your Mind?

Because a vasectomy does not decrease your testosterone production, your hormone level remains the same. This means that your concern for your manliness is unfounded. You’ll be just as manly as you ever were, whether you watch the Bachelor or follow the Nascar scene.

Likewise, a steady production of testosterone means your muscle mass will not decrease. Your biceps will be as big as you make them to be, vasectomy or not.

Third, you will not find yourself suddenly needing to put your head in the freezer to battle a sudden onset of hot flashes.

More to Know about the Three Worthless Worries of a Vasectomy (and more)?

There are a lot of myths that surround a vasectomy procedure. Don’t stop your research until you’re comfortable. And make sure you find a practice that will address all of your questions and concerns. If you want to hear more about the myths from the podcast by Dr. Jay Sandlow, follow 10 Vasectomy Myths Debunked. And if you are looking for a practice that can answer any question surrounding vasectomy, Dr. Sussman, of Las Vegas Vasectomy, prides himself of the personal care that his office provides his patients, including personal text conversations. He has offices in Las Vegas, NV; Lake Havasu City, AZ;  Reno, NV;  St. George, UT;  and Kingman, AZ.

Three Worthless Worries of a Vasectomy
Rest easy, testosterone levels do not decrease when you have a vasectomy.


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