3 Cost Benefits of a Vasectomy

The benefits of a vasectomy are many. The article: 5 Excellent Reasons to Have A Vasectomy details some of them. But what are some of the other benefits?

Vasectomy 101

The Vasectomy Procedure details the vasectomy process in cut and dry, easy-to-understand language. Take a quick look at it if you are just beginning your vasectomy journey. If you’re ready for a different type of information in the learning process, read on!

#1 of 3 Cost Benefits of a VasectomyAvoiding The Hassle

Imagine, if you will—you’ve been there, I’m sure—you’ve just come in from a delicious dinner, coupled perfectly with a glass of wine. Your beautiful wife has been looking at you with eyes that tell you dessert isn’t coming from the restaurant. You barely set down the car keys and turn the bolt on the door before things start to get amorous. Together you make it to the couch, still fully involved. You’re both clearly ready for more.

BUT! You need a condom… from the bedside table… upstairs. By the time you get all your supplies—the condom, the spermicidal lubricant—and return to begin the next stage of what has clearly become a process, the spontaneity is gone, and the moment has passed.

Post-vasectomy, this story has a completely different ending. No trip upstairs fumbling for a condom is necessary. But this is only one of the 5 cost benefits of a vasectomy!

#2 of 3 Cost Benefits of a Vasectomy—Gaining Time & Money

You might not immediately consider all the time involved in birth control, aside from the obvious spur-of-the-moment roadblocks, of course. But consider if you will, the special trip to the store to buy condoms, the time involved for your wife at the doctor’s office for birth control pills and renewing prescriptions, IUDs, or the recovery time of tubal ligation.

Time is money. That’s why we say we “spend” time. Don’t spend your time repeatedly working on birth control. Spend your time focusing on more fun things in life!

As for money, a vasectomy is a one-time expense that can be easily affordable at significantly less than a thousand dollars. On the other hand, tubal ligation (the female equivalent to birth control) is closer to $6000. Condoms, over time, add up. Especially—and we’ll let you do the math—if you’re looking at around a dollar each, according to Planned Parenthood. 

#3 of 3 Cost Benefits of a Vasectomy—Ease of the Procedure

Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation are both considered permanent methods of pregnancy prevention because neither can be reversed without surgery. But they’re vastly different in almost every category beyond that.

A vasectomy, as we touched on briefly, is a simple surgery, completed in an out-patient setting that lasts about only 20 minutes.  Potential complications are virtually non-existent. The recovery time is only a day, and you can resume sexual intercourse as soon as you feel ready. Additionally, while vasectomy is considered permanent, it is able to be pretty simply reversed in a procedure of very similar nature to the vasectomy itself.

Comparatively, the female equivalent, tubal ligation (getting your tubes tied), is vastly different. Tubal ligation requires an in-patient operation and requires a hospital stay. Recovery time can be extensive, and complications range from damage to the bowel, bladder, major blood vessels, to ectopic pregnancy, in which an egg is fertilized outside of the uterus. Finally, the tubal ligation process is considered permanent. While reversals are possible, they are not recommended, and involve major complicated surgery.

More Information

Need more convincing? Check out this article with excellent reasons why vasectomy is the best option for bot men and women!

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3 Cost Benefits of a Vasectomy

5 Cost Benefits of a Vasectomy
You can benefit physically, financially and mentally from a vasectomy!


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