Vasectomy Means Better Sex

Improved Sexual Experience

A vasectomy (read here: Vasectomy means better sex!) is a fairly simple clinical procedure that prevents sperm from mixing into the seminal fluid during ejaculation. Of course, the sperm needs an egg to fertilize for a successful pregnancy, but studies show the absence of that possibility can enhance the sexual experience by removing potential pregnancy concerns.

Vasectomy Fundamentals (Besides the “better sex” part)

The testes are the part of the male body in which the sperm are created, see the diagram of this system here. The sperm depart the testes via two hose-like vessels known as the vas deferens. There’s one vessel leaving from each testicle. However, sperm never join in to the seminal fluid, never leaving the body, in fact, after a vasectomy, as the vessels are transected.

Study our blog for a more precise description of the procedure to know more. You don’t need to worry about the sperm that is unused. They are absorbed naturally by the body. Even if you don’t have a vasectomy, unused sperm is resorbed. 

Why choose a vasectomy?

For plenty, “vasectomy means better sex” is enough, but the choice to have a vasectomy isn’t a clear path. It is certainly understandable though. Not only are we talking about that which we label “privates,” but we are talking about altering one’s manhood (although this is not the case at all!)

But, because the vasectomy permits a male to have sex with out causing a pregnancy, this allows only positive thoughts in the bedroom. Females too enjoy intercourse more without the concern of an unwanted child. Worry of pregnancy can cause the sexual experience to be mentally demanding and therefore less enjoyable for her too. Hence, the vasectomy can permit each companion the ability to relax and experience a sex free of worry.

Studies Show Vasectomy Means Better Sex

If you’d like to read the details on this study, consider this article: The Effect of Vasectomy on the Sex Life of Couples.

Vasectomy: There’s more!

Vasectomy has extra advantages. For a dedicated couple, a vasectomy may go beyond a mental remedy from worry of being pregnant. They are able to forgo other kinds of contraception and be more able to concentrate on one another and their pleasures.

While couples need to continually practice safe sex, devoted, long-time couples can eliminate hormone-stuffed capsules, messy spermicides and erection-deflating condoms. All in all, these sound like some great benefits! Are you starting to get it? Vasectomy means better sex!

A Reverse Vasectomy is a Thing

Vasectomy goes hand in hand with the phrase “Permanent birth Control.” This is true in that without surgical intervention, a vasectomy is permanent. However, a vasectomy is surgically reversible as well. Should a couple choose later in life that they want to have children, a vasectomy can be reversed. Like the surgery required of a vasectomy, a vasectomy reversal requires a very similar procedure time, post-surgical care and recovery.

Vasectomy as a Relaxer

When considering your birth control options, especially for an extended (or permanent) period of time, you should look hard at the possibility of a vasectomy as a solution. Allow yourself the peace of mind to enjoy yourself in the bedroom, and allow your partner to enjoy herself more as well.

Looking for more Information?

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If you are looking for a practice that can answer any questions about vasectomy, Dr. Sussman, of Las Vegas Vasectomy, prides himself of the personal care that his office provides his patients, including personal text conversations. He has offices in Las Vegas, NV; Lake Havasu City, AZ; Reno, NV;  St. George, UT;  and Kingman, AZ.

Vasectomy Means Better Sex
Vasectomy means better sex simply because the procedure allows men and women the mental opportunity to relax in the bedroom.


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