Vasectomy Recovery

What to expect after your procedure

A vasectomy can understandably be nerve-racking for most men. The procedure is essentially painless and recovery quicker than most are led to believe. The professionals at Las Vegas Vasectomy recommend that immediately following your procedure, you go home and stay off of your feet for the remainder of the day. Discomfort is usually mild, and ice (frozen peas are best) every few hours over the scrotum will help with any swelling or throbbing.

In terms of what you should wear, we suggest wearing snug cotton briefs, jockey underwear, or a scrotal supporter, as this will help to limit movement of the testicles during the first week of recovery. While small amounts of blood and spotting are normal, it is important to call your doctor right away if you begin to experience fever, chills, increasing pain, drainage, or an enlarging mass, as these effects usually suggest significant bleeding or an infection, both of which are exceedingly rare occurrences.

Following the procedure, you will not be sterile.We’ll request that your semen be evaluated by an outside lab (separate charges apply and are not included in the procedure fee) approximately 3 months following the procedure to confirm that there are no sperm in your ejaculate. Until this confirmation, it is important to practice conventional contraception. If you have any questions or are looking to schedule an appointment, call Las Vegas Vasectomy today at (702) 293-0176.