Vasectomy Reversal

From a fellowship-trained microsurgeon, Dr. Sussman also specializes in vasectomy reversals. He trained with world class microsurgeons and practiced in their labs, thus incorporating their techniques into his own.  He performs a 2-layer microsurgical closure of the Vas Deferans that has been shown to increase vasal patency rates (chances of sperm making it back into the semen). A vasectomy reversal is more cost effective than the more complex in-vitro procedures where a man’s sperm is injected into his partner’s eggs (IVF/ICSI). Pregnancy rates are roughly the same.

At Las Vegas Vasectomy, your safety during and after this procedure is extremely important. Side effects of the procedure are usually minimal, and will have no effect on your potency or urinary functions. The vasectomy reversal process also does not increase the likeliness of prostate or testicular cancer. If you have any questions or are looking to schedule an appointment, call Las Vegas Vasectomy today at (702) 293-0176.